Praise Him In The Storm

Wow, the southeast and midwest have been slammed this week with some really severe weather. I know one thing is right. Here in Georgia, we have had one of the worst storm weeks that we’ve had in a while. My grandparents experienced a storm that produced a tornado shortly after it passed their house. Friends in Newnan were affected by the tornado. And this morning we had a tree fall in our yard. But even worse is the huge tornado outbreak in the midwest. 

In Arkansas, they had storms that produced several severe tornadoes that killed several people and injured many others. Thousands lost their homes, and all they had. But something caught my eye on Facebook the other day. Here is a picture of what a family wrote on the rubble left from their house after the tornado destroyed it. Image

It takes some guts to say that you will praise the God that had power to stop the tornado that just destroyed your house. How can you possibly praise Him in the storm? It’s hard. Trust me. But all things are possible through our amazing God! (Philippians 4:13).

If you are a victim of this storm, or any of the other storms that have caused damage throughout the United States, “Grace be with all of you!”- Hebrews 13:25.


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